Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Art of Registering

Last weekend my Mr and I had a very productive Sunday. Not only did it include finding our minister to marry us, but also crossing the gift registry off our list. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited for this part of the wedding festivities. All of those pretty dishes and accessories I had been drooling over would be put on the ultimate wish list. Our first stop was Crate & Barrel; they have some really useful accessories and basic items that fit our style and the current "nice" dishes that we do have. I will start by saying that I love shopping at Crate & Barrel, but registering there was a little overwhelming. They pretty much put a scanner in your hand and tell you go. No guidance or protocol given. Since we didn't register for much there we were actually done in about thirty minutes. I think this was due to the fact that we just stuck with accessories there and waited for some of the bigger items for our second registry location. We were both surprised at how fast we were done and hadn't planned on doing our second registry location all in one day, but hey we were there and were on a roll.

Once we got to Macy's we got the full details on protocol for registering, what to register for and what price range. Thankfully my Mr. and I were very aware of prices when registering and actually ended up having to add a few more pricier items ($100-$200 range) per the suggestion of our registry consultant. This sparked a debate as to what is appropriate in wedding registry and gift giving. After some searching I found some useful tips from Ms. Emily Post herself and Tried & True Wedding Planning:
  • A couple should register for gifts at anywhere from 1-3 stores
  • Cash is acceptable to register for or stating that a cash gift to i.e. "buy a house" is acceptable to tell guest, but only via word of mouth. (I find this very awkward myself, but that is just my personal opinion).   
  • Your registry should be broken into thirds regarding prices of gifts. A third of your gifts at the $50 and under range, a third at $50-$100 and another third at $100+. This should be true at all locations that you register at in order to give guests as many gift options as possible.
  • Your wedding registry locations should not be included on ANY wedding stationary. I found when we registered, both locations were more then willing to give me logo'd cards stating where we are registered. These cards should be included in the bridal shower invites and NOT in the wedding invitations.
  • My last piece of registry advice for you brides is make sure that you enjoy it and keep you groom hydrated with pizza and beer!

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Steph said...

I loved this post! I agree, you must keep the fiance hydrated with pizza and beer! That's the secret to success :) I will be at the Sac blogger meetup tomorrow, so I'll see you there! - Stephanie